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Southeast Asia is one of the most vulnerable regions facing the triple planetary crisis: climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss. Healthcare systems here are both severely affected by and top contributors to the crisis. With your support, we can transform health care systems in the region toward resilience, mitigation, and sustainability.

How Your Support Makes a Difference:

Empowering Healthcare Heroes: Your support provides healthcare professionals with the knowledge, tools, and resources to champion climate justice, equity, and environmental sustainability. Together, we can save lives while protecting our planet.

Advocating for Systemic Change: Your contribution fuels our relentless advocacy for policies that recognize the vital link between healthcare and climate. We strive to ensure healthcare facilities across Southeast Asia are better equipped to face climate-related challenges.

Driving Sustainable Healthcare Solutions: With your help, we develop and implement sustainable practices in healthcare systems, reducing their environmental impact and promoting resilience. Your donation supports initiatives that transform healthcare facilities into models of sustainability and climate mitigation.

Ways to Make a Meaningful Contribution:

One-Time Donations: Make a one-time contribution to provide immediate support for our initiatives. Your donation can fund urgent projects and help address immediate needs.

Monthly Giving: Become a sustaining donor by setting up monthly contributions. This consistent support helps us plan long-term projects and ensures a steady flow of resources for ongoing programs.

Planned Giving: Include our organization in your estate planning. Planned giving options, such as bequests, charitable trusts, or beneficiary designations, can create a lasting legacy that supports our mission for years to come.

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Your support is more than a donation; it is a testament to your commitment to public and planetary health. By donating, you are taking a crucial step toward making a positive impact in our fight against humanity's greatest threats: the triple planetary crisis.

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