Medical Waste

HCWH Southeast Asia's efforts to reduce harmful medical waste falls into three categories: 

  1. Minimizing and studying waste
  2. Promoting alternative waste disposal methods
  3. Recognizing model hospitals. 


Less waste, more gains: Waste minimization

We aim to empower hospitals to reduce the amount, toxicity and impact of waste they produce. Our efforts include promoting garbage segregation and teaching how to choose low-waste, low-toxicity products. 

In 2005, HCWH-Asia conducted a Health Care Waste Assessment Project (HWAP) in four tertiary hospitals in Metro Manila. In 2006, the project was repeated in one provincial and eight district hospitals in the Northern Samar province. 

2008 brought in more successes. We partnered with the local government of Baguio City and seven tertiary hospitals to conduct another model of the Health Care Waste Assessment Project. The objectives of the project include documenting the good practices of the hospitals, and coming up with baseline data on the total medical waste being generated in each locality. 

By analyzing this data, we’re able to tweak our efforts and communication to suit the different localities. It’s all about initiating grassroots efforts to benefit the greater good.